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 I Apoligize.

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PostSubject: I Apoligize.   16/11/09, 11:56 am

Well during the time i was working on all those .wz edits and fixing a few bugs here and there adding some time temple bosses to the server timeless weapons and what not my computer was well getting SHITTY as you would say :p and well i upgraded to windows 7 and then it didn't install right for WHATEVER FUCKING REASON anyway and well i had to wipe everything therefor everything i did for the server=gone. I don't know if i will be setting up another server. I apologize to Nate and David as they both are apart of the staff and didn't know anything about all of this until just now.
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PostSubject: Re: I Apoligize.   16/11/09, 11:59 am

Gosh dude....
Well as you saw we have TempServer until the original will return.
You might wanna be apart from it (unfortunatly, u will be GM).
and i forgive you, and im not mad or anything.
But can i ask you a question? why did you upgrade into W7, if you knew it would lose everything?

David =]
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I Apoligize.
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