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Hello FailMS

I have two things to discuss. First off I would like to tell you we are updating our forums, making it more "pimped out maplestory style" if you would call it that. So don't be angry if the forum is not on when in it is. Second, we have experienced a population skyrocket, from to days which is very good. To those people that have just joined us I welcome you! I am Head GM and Co-owner. Nick is the owner, and David is the website designer and a GM. The server will be up shortly, we are adding tons of things, which are EXCLUSIVE meaning that you will not find them anywhere else. Nick is in charge of this, if you have any questions please direct them to David Nick or myself and we will be happy to help you. David and I will not be able to answer when the server will be up as it is unknown to us, but maybe Nick knows. Furthermore, instead of paying for the dedicated server, I have decided to go adsense ( I post ads on google, if you click on it, i get money.) it is very simple and if enough people click on the website we will have it up in no time. Concerning our up-time hours, expect 9 hours. possible less if Nick is not in a good mood.

Thank you for joining! Enjoy your stay.

GM Nate (Head GM)
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