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 Riley 's GM APP

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Riley     's  GM APP Empty
PostSubject: Riley 's GM APP   Riley     's  GM APP Empty22/04/10, 01:56 am

Name: Riley




Play Hours:
4-6 on weekdays and 8-or more on weekends

What sets me apart from other applicants: Im extremly active, always determined to do my best to help the server

What Experience do you have: Use to be a Gm in one of my friends servers but it closed down

What are some qualities a GM should have: They should always put 100% effort in there work and help advertise the server as much as possible for people to join. They should also have lots of patience, be very kind and never have favourites or side with anyone or give advantages to friends or certain people, or disadvantages and they should always help the server as much as possible.

Why I should be a GM: Because i am a very kind person and extremly active i wont give anyone special advantages or disadvantages just cos they ask me or cos there my friend i will treat everyone fairly and equally, and i will do my best to help our server as much as possible.

A little bit about myself: I love playing online games, such as maple im a very kind person and always try my best to help people in need and treat everyone equally.

Contact information: Add me on msn ; Mymsmsn@hotmail.com

Thanx for reading my gamemaster application...

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Riley 's GM APP
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